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Gershon Siegel

Once every thousand years,

the universe sounds an alarm

to wake humanity from its slumber.... 

Recently Zerubbabel, an old, yet thoroughly modern entity from Ethericspace, mysteriously appeared on Gershon's computer screen. This book chronicles the transmissions that followed and the lives

that were changed forever by them. 

Join Gershon and his friends in this provocative adventure, guided by the profoundly wise and irreverent Zerubbabel

as they explore the perplexing mysteries

of our day!

$15, Signed and Delivered
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Hi, Zerubabbel here. 

  • How can you eliminate all your beliefs and why would you want to?

  • What is the right spiritual path for your busy lifestyle?

  • How can you slow the ever-increasing acceleration of time?

  • What has Elvis been up to?

  • What is the real purpose

        of life on earth?


All the answers to your questions,

and then some...

Hello, I'm



I want to share with you these 10 axiomatic statements that will help you attain that state of awareness and consciousness we all know you crave:

The Ten Recommendments

1. Abandon all hope, for it is a distraction from your current reality. 

2. Presume that you do not know as much as you imagine you do. 

3. Forsake your self-image and all posturing about who you think you are.

4. Observe yourself in all things as objectively as possible. 

5. Give up pretending that you are awake and behold the depth of your sleep. 

6. Notice how many of your daily activities keep you from your lifetime goals.

7. See how many relationships fall away when you stop maintaining them. 

8. Do things differently and do different things. 

9. Allow the intensity of your loneliness to fill the void of your emptiness. 

10. Stop holding in your gut and let your belly go soft.  

Feeling spiritually perplexed?

Those of us on the Etheric Plane are here to serve you.

See what we've written to you fellow humans, and ask us your own question!

"Paradigms Lost is an instant cult classic - just like I was."
- Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Something on your mind?

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