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Hi There. 


We are a gang of four or five non-physical entities existing on the Etheric Plain. Only one us of us, Charlie, has ever incarnated on your planet so we have but a single navel at which to gaze. Dwelling in empty space as we do, pondering your questions has proven to be an amusing pastime in which to while away eternity. 


Zerubbabel's prime motivation for entertaining your inquiries is our mutual amusement. We consider it a plus when our answers prove helpful to your particular situation.

#1 Savoring Samsara



Dear Zerubbabel,

A psychic once told me that I was an old soul and that if I really buckled down in this lifetime it could be my last one. I’m not sure I want my current life to be the final go round cause I’m having way too much fun in this one. Do you have any advice as to how I might snag a few more re-incarnations before I’m exiled into nirvana for all eternity? Appreciating your timeless wisdom.

     —Savoring Samsara



Dear "Savoring Samsara",

We have some really good news for you and hope you didn’t accrue double-digit karmic debt interest paying for that psychic reading. In looking up your permanent Akashic Record, we see you’ve still got exactly one thousand reincarnations left in your stack. 

We’re not surprised this person told you this could be your last lifetime. Many psychics are very bad at math and will often put the decimal point in the wrong place. However, your psychic was correct about you being a very old soul. We would also add that you are a merry old soul as well.

     — Z

#2 Needing to Know in Needles 


Dear Zerubbabel,

There’s this quote I’ve heard going around for years that says something like, “We may look like human beings trying to be spiritual but it looks more like we’re spiritual beings trying to be human.” This is a very confusing statement and I figure a guy like you would have the real scoop. Which is it? Are we humans or are we spirits? 

     —Needing to Know in Needles



Dear "Needing to Know in Needles",

How lovely that in your charming manner of mangling a noted 20th century philosopher’s  original quote you reveal the dualistic thinking that continues to plague your planet. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin is more often quoted having said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” 

Your misquoted version using the term “but” reveals that your statement contains the distorted bias of dualism. Chardin’s original saying does do a better job camouflaging the underlying illusion. Perhaps because Pierre was a Jesuit, an order known for its emphasis on education, he was attempting a more definitive declaration of the sentiment. However, due to its ambiguity, we find your version to be more intriguing and closer to the paradoxical predicament your species finds itself.

     — Z

#3 Sad in the Suburbs



Dear Zerubbabel,

I live out in suburbia where I try to be neighborly by waving at the other drivers as we go past each other. Some years ago it was rare that they ignored me without return my wave. Lately, I’ve noticed that it’s now the opposite and few people bother to wave back. I’m suspecting a disturbance in the Earth’s magnetic field that’s effecting the general psyche of people but I’m curious to get your perspective.

     —Sad in the Suburbs


Dear "Sad in the Suburbs",

You have two reasons to cheer up! First, Earth’s magnetic field is still attracting and repelling just as it’s always done ever since it started spinning. And, we detect a major shift for the better in your conscious awakening. What you’re experiencing as an increasing lack of response to your compulsive need of acknowledgement by your neighbors is your ego dying. 

Due to your increased awareness you’ve finally begun to notice that you are not the center of the universe and the other drivers are simply focusing on not running off the road. This is a win-win for everyone, including your separate-self identity which is better off dead.

     — Z

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