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Living in the Joke

“Absurdity!” He cried so loud in a voice that was upset.

That’s right, absurdity. But it’s nothing for to fret.

“I don’t know if I could face that considering how I”m built.”

It’s nothing for you to worry about. No doubt you’ll find a stilt.

“A crutch indeed is what I need for me to carry on!”

So find your crutch and giggle much for soon you’ll be long gone.

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1 Comment

Krista Harris
Krista Harris
Apr 26, 2019

I love this poem and what it speaks to, Gershon. "Living in the Joke" much like laughing at a joke necessitates being present. Sometimes absurdity itself is a forceful reminder. I like how this poem reminds the reader to be conscious of time, but not in the context we're so often used to hearing in terms of getting things done but in terms of being. Maybe absurdity and the worry it can bring is really just a set up to the joke. The time is right to go anywhere in particular; I'm glad you decided to go in the direction of creating this website and showcasing your work. Congratulations!


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